Outdoor Advertising on Bus Shelters,
Benches & Buses

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Bus Shelter Display Panels offer uncluttered showcases for advertising, mounted in glass, backlit frames. They provide 24 hour visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic at high circulation locations, usually along main arteries of metropolitan markets.


Advertising Benches offer the best in affordability. When compared to other forms of advertising, the cost per impression is pennies on the dollar. Nothing compares to Bench Advertising in means of attracting attention for minimum spending.


Bus Advertising is an effective and cost-efficient way to create mass audience exposure as buses travel set routes throughout a market.  Frequency develops from repeated exposures due to buses following the same routes.

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InSite Street Media is a leading outdoor advertising company known for innovation and excellence in the development of out-of‐home media properties. Our expertise stems from decades of ownership and management of a multitude of outdoor advertising products, including bus passenger benches, transit advertising, bus shelters, informational kiosks, billboards, large format wallscapes, and other non‐traditional out of home formats.

InSite SM was formed in 2018 by a merger of Signal Outdoor Advertising of Atlanta, GA and InSite Martin Street Ads of Los Angeles, CA. Signal was established in 1998 after acquiring Culver-Amherst and Martin roots go back to 2007.



Bus Shelter Ads are primarily used to reach metropolitan audiences for both national and local advertisers. They can be purchased and rotated throughout the market or by selective locations to reach specific target groups. They are effective for multiple uses, including point-of-purchase, directional, residential coverage, ethnic or micro-marketing.


Advertising Benches are located at bus stops within metropolitan areas at high traffic intersections. They are used primarily to reach pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They are highly effective as point of sale vehicles near supermarkets, shopping malls, movie theaters, tourist attractions, and so forth.




Transit Advertising is primarily used to reach both pedestrian and vehicular traffic in metropolitan areas during daylight hours.  Bus ads have the ability to cover residential and commercial areas of the city not reached by traditional outdoor billboards.  Buses go where the people are!